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Can I save macro files and marker settings?
You can save up to five slots for saving macros and markers.
You can also choose from HDD(PlayOnline specific segment) or sever to store the data.

[How to Save]
From the select character screen
For "PlayStation2" Analog controller
[Press L1+L3]
For Xbox360 controller
[Press LB+Left stick button]
For Keyboard

The confirmation message will display. Select "Server" or "Slots A-D"(saving on HDD) with directional keys.

[Saving on the Server]

1 character setting file is allowed to save on the server.
Even with the reinstallation of Final Fantasy XI or PlayOnline viewer, the data saved on the server will not be deleted.
The data can still be retrieved at your friend's house or an internet café.

[Saving on Slots A-D]
You have four slots for saving macros and markers.
Macros and data are saved on PlayOnline Viewer and the data will not be deleted with the reinstallation of Final Fantasy XI.
Please note that reinstalling the PlayOnline Viewer will erase all of your saved macros and markers.

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