GM Policy


Our Game Masters (GMs) are responsible for monitoring and regulating the in-game environment to provide a fair, safe and enjoyable game play experience for our customers. Game Masters play a major role in rescuing player characters that have become stuck, they take action against 3rd party tool users, and respond to user requests for issues such as lost items etc.

The GM policy is a set of rules by which all GMs operate to ensure that the game proceeds smoothly for all FINAL FANTASY XI users.

All GM policies are now available to the public for reference. These policies will be updated when new issues arise that need to be addressed.

If you have any comments or opinions regarding our GM policies or procedures, we would like to hear your feedback. Player feedback is one of our most important sources of information. It allows us to continually improve our support as well as improve and revise future GM policies.

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  Using the name of a Square Enix employee or its likeness
  Can I request a specific GM when I call?
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  Inappropriate Naming
  Game Data Recovery
  How long does it take for GMs to recover the items?
  Does virus-scanning software or security software count as running a third-party program in the background?
  Character Stuck Issues
  Item Recovery
  I am being harassed on an out-of-game website (BBS, board, etc.) Can the GM take action on this?
  I would like an item lost in-game returned.
  Actions that could result in an unfair advantage
  The GM icon is blinking on the upper right of my screen. What does it mean?
  What constitutes taking advantage of in-game mechanics not intended as normal means of game play?
  Real Money Trading (RMT)
  About Monster Holding
  How do you judge if an action is harassment?
  What kind of promise should I make when lending or borrowing an item?
  Inappropriate behavior
  What is the difference between harassment and inappropriate behavior?
  What if a player that reported me for harassment also harassed me? Isn't he/she also subject to punishement?
  Unauthorized Access
  The account may have been compromised. What should I do?
  Managing Linkshell Items
  Harassment - Response
  Someone has opened a bazaar in the middle of a passage. Is this Grid locking?
  What if my account is hacked outside of Information Center business hours?
  At what point do you consider someone to be monster holding?
  Isn't the decision of who was harassed up to the testimony of the player that was harassed?
  What should I do to prevent an account from being compromised?
  What do you consider spam?
  In-Game Scams
  What is a GM (Game Master) in Vana'Diel?

* The content contained within the GM Policy currently posted may be subject to change.