Last modified Apr. 24, 2005
To register a web site with PlayOnline Community Site Links, applicants must read, understand, and agree to the PlayOnline community site guidelines ("Guidelines") below. If you do not agree to any part of the Guidelines, you should exit the registration process. If you accept all the terms and conditions of the Guidelines, please click the "Accept" button at the bottom of this page and proceed to the next step. By clicking the "Accept" button and completing the registration process that follows, you are deemed to have read, understood, and accepted all the terms and conditions of the Guidelines.

Please note that Square Enix has the right in its sole discretion to reject applications, revoke the right to use PlayOnline Community Site Links services, and modify or revise this agreement or the Guidelines at any time, for any reason, with or without notice. It is the applicant's sole responsibility to check the latest Guidelines from time to time.

1. You must be a member of PlayOnline.
2. All site information and business practices must be ethical and professional in nature.
3. Should your site obtain revenue from sources such as banner ads, any advertisements that contain overtly sexual or violent content are prohibited.
4. Content on a "subscribers only" type of section of the site cannot contain content for sale in regards to FINAL FANTASY XI and PlayOnline. However, content such as a "FINAL FANTASY XI journal" is allowed in those areas, but any copy that implies that SQUARE ENIX receives monetary payments is prohibited.
5. Within the Web site, Legal Notice (1) (below) regarding trademarks and copyright must be posted.
6. Should the community site be located in a section dedicated to SQUARE ENIX related products, 90% of the content must be related to FINAL FANTASY XI/PlayOnline.
7. Supplying cheats which are debug codes is strictly prohibited.
8. With regards to utilization of images and mentioning of certain terms, you must adhere to the image usage criteria depicted in Legal Notice (2) (below).
Other image regulations and requirements for support:
- May only be used for community site (fan site)
- Images or content, which have appeared on the official FINAL FANTASY XI/ PlayOnline site, are not allowed unless provided to you by SQUARE ENIX.
- Use of images for promotional purposes is prohibited (for example, a promotional poster, flyer, merchandise, etc.).
- FINAL FANTASY XI images are limited to screenshots taken during gameplay
- Shots taken outside of FINAL FANTASY XI, such as Tetra Master and/or the PlayOnline Viewer, as well as shots taken of any other content or services other than FINAL FANTASY XI gameplay is strictly prohibited.
- Screen shots for the purpose of slandering or defaming others in anyway is strictly prohibited
- Any requests from Square Enix, Inc. to have images removed from your site must be complied with immediately

Legal Notice (1):
Please add the following sentence to the top of the page or the footer:
All trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Legal Notice (2):
When posting images or mentioning any of the following terms, the legal lines below must be used:
For images:
(c) 2002-2006 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

When mentioning/using the term "FINAL FANTASY":
FINAL FANTASY is a registered trademark of Square Enix Co., Ltd.

When mentioning/using the terms PlayOnline or Tetra Master:
PLAYONLINE is a trademark and TETRA MASTER is a registered trademark of Square Enix Co., Ltd.

When mentioning/using the term "Vana'diel":
VANA'DIEL is a registered trademark of Square Enix Co., Ltd.


You can simply say the below on every page:
(c) 2002-2006 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved. Title Design by Yoshitaka Amano. FINAL FANTASY, TETRA MASTER and VANA'DIEL are registered trademarks of Square Enix Co., Ltd. SQUARE ENIX, PLAYONLINE and the PlayOnline logo are trademarks of Square Enix Co., Ltd.
If more than one image is posted within a single page or the specific terms above are mentioned more than once within a single page, copyright notation does not have to accompany each instance. One notation per page, preferably at the bottom of each page, is sufficient.

Modification/alteration of images will be approved only under the conditions provided below. All other modification/alteration is prohibited.
- Changes in image size (to scale)
- Changes in image save format and compression ratio
- Partial clipping of image
- Changes in brightness of image
- Removal of any descriptors provided for your reference, such as character descriptions

Please observe the following when handling people's character names outside of your name and the names of your affiliates:
- Using the character name display/non-display function in FINAL FANTASY XI, take screen shots without displaying the character name. If you wish to show character names other than your own on the screen shots taken, you must acquire approval from each person prior to posting such screen shots.
- If you are not able to acquire approval, use the character name display/non-display function to erase the name or use graphic software to cut out or conceal the corresponding name portion. These modifications will be approved for processing the names only.

To set character name display/non-display use the following command:
/names ondisplay character name
/names offto not display character name

Should you have any questions or concerns about these guidelines please contact:

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